Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lyrics to Christopher's Song from the last chapter of John

This song was inspired by a talk we saw by Elder Holland.
It is based off of the last chapter in John.
Ya´ll should read it.
Basically christ left, and peter´s like "Well now what, we were fishers before, lets go fish!". And then Christ comes and tells him to "Feed his sheep".
I think this is when peter really GETS It. now we need to get it too.

Feed My Sheep

Verse 1

Do you love me? was the question posed.

Yes Lord I love thee, of this you know.

Do you love me, more than these fish you seek?

Yes of course lord I do

Then feed my sheep


I will leave this boat, I will leave this net,

I will leave it all, and never forget

The purpose I am here, or the things you´ve done.

Lord without you I am none.


Do you love me? The question still rings.

You know I love thee, thou knowest all things.

Lovest thou me? More than these new movies?

Yes of course Lord I do.

Then feed my Sheep


I will leave my love, and the internet

I will leave it all, and never forget,

the purpose I am here or the things you´ve done,

Lord without you I am none


I will feed thy sheep forever, and never turn away from thee.

I will follow thee wherever, and do all you ask of me.

It isn´t easy but with you I can do all things

So I´ll feed they sheep.

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