Thursday, June 30, 2011


Elders on the Edge
Sightseeing at the Ocean

Beautiful Peru

The Big Brown Temple Thing

Hey beautiful family.
This week was crazy awesome. Our p day is today tuesday instead of tomorrow, which is prob why I don´t have any emails from ya´ll. but its all good. Last wednesday all the latinos left and the americans got to go on a tour. It was pretty sweet. I sent some pictures I took. I bought some stuff, everything is pretty cheap here. We also saw this old ancient temple thing. My guess is it´s where christ appeared in the america´s, but that´s just me. :) It was funny, huge group of americans in the middle of a busy place. people were randomly taking pictures of us and stuff. I sent something today for dad. It cost me way more to send it than it did to buy it so I prob won´t do much package sending. Speaking of money, Dad could you check your wells fargo account, and check my account from there to make sure my card worked well. I withdrew 150 soles from an atm, with a 10 sole fee. so it should have taken out like 55-60 bucks maybe. also something I need is US postage stamps. If possible please send them to Trujillo mission home. ( I´ll give the address if you don´t have) But yeah i send my mail just like I regularly would in the US, the church takes the letters to the US and they go from there. Thanks I think that´s all. I also got my new companion this week. His name is elder Muñoz and he is from columbia bogota. He is really shy. Which will make his mission hard. But he is an awesome dude and I love him to death. My old companion always wanted to play every time we could, like ping pong or whatever, but with this companion I can actually study extra, which is awesome to get more done. I am learning a lot. I have really grown to love studying. Especially the Bible. I have read the book of mormon 4 times but growing up I never focused too much on the bible. But the bible has it all too. Its crazy awesome I don´t know why so many people have a hard time with our church when it´s all in the bible! haha. So right now I´m working on reading the book of mormon in spanish, and the new testament in english. Started in acts, and will get the four gospels later, but acts is cool because it talks about paul and preaching the gospel. I am also loving more and more to teach. Instead of dreading TRC I am getting kind of anxious to teach. My spanish is best when I am teaching haha. Today got to go to the temple. Which was awesome. and afterwords I really had to use my spanish, to take a cab to the place to ship the package, to ship the package, to make a copy of my id, and to take a taxi back to the ccm. Just me and my comp, which my comp didn´t help too much due to his shyness. But it was cool feeling real. haha. The ccm here is good. I think one kid is wanting to go home, which stinks. and another kid got a parasite bug or something somehow, but antibiotics and bam he´s doing better too. prob shouldn´t have said that, mom, but don´t worry about me I will be fine. I´m careful. But mostly I am just glad I know why I am here and don´t have any doubts that I need to serve a mission, and going home is not an option. (unless I die) haha jk. . mom. anyways, I wrote a song this week, I will send the lyrics in another email. I love all of you guys so so much. I am excited to hear from you next week. I hope you are all happy. Oh yeah, something that I learned is that when you pray, you need to pray with specific questions. I fasted and prayed that I could remember things in my mind more easily, and I have seriously felt that already just the past two days. Love you guys so much.

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