Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 8th, 2011 To My Family I love

hey everyone, only thirty minutes to write and i just used ten of them reading emails so i will do my best to get across everything thats going on. (we can´t print email here). I loved reading all your letters and hearing from all of you. It is so great to hear how you all are doing. I´m excited to see dad to be a bean pole like in high school when i get back. I hope he keeps it up! Everyone got haircuts when we first got here, no matter what, haha which is funny cuz the other mtc gives you one before you leave. but here it is much shorter, so my hair is like a buzz, shortest i{ve ever had it. The food here is way different but way good. They have a lot of different types of potatoes and those are served each meal. There is also a soup, but they use a plate looking type thing rather than a bowl. They eat a lot of keeche (not sure how to spell) which surprised me, never been a big fan of keesh, but i try it every time haha and its always different. They also have chicken every meal it seems. Always whole chicken with the bones though. yesterday it was kind of boneless which was new, but it always is cooked bones in all and served that way (even in the soup). Also we drink every kind of juice for our drink. today was piña which is my favorite. but they have like watermelon, cantelope (both allergic haha) tangerine, and a whole bunch of apple juices. the apple juice is way different, its like a thin apple sauce rather than what we have in the states, and there is seeds in it. but its all way good. and I love the Bread here. MOM HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! (in a couple days) I hope you have an excellent birthday, here are some hugs and kisses , XOXOXOXOXOXOXxoxoxoxoxo. You´ve always been awesome to me. Thanks for updating me on grandpa, that is good to hear. It´s cool to hear all of your stories. The MTC here is beautiful, we have a way nice futbol field. The latinos cream us in futbol, and we cream them in basketball haha. no its more even than i thought it would be both ways but its so fun. I love the Latino people. They have so much soul and emotion. I could really feel it in testimony meeting on sunday. The spirit is real, I could feel him even when i didn´t understand the words completely. Me elder armstrong and another elder bore were the only americans who bore there testimonies, the rest were latinos, but I really do love it here. Volleyball, ping pong, and foosball are all here too. It´s funny some of the latinos call football (american) soccer americana. haha. Oh yeah, they made me District Leader for my District. Just means I have some more responsibilities mostly. We have TRC every day here. )once a week in the provo mtc) These are teachers pretending to be investigators, but not everyone teaches each day. We also teach other missionaries and such. My teachers are awesome too. They hardly speak any english but it is good. My companion is so awesome. My spanish is getting better each day and we communicate well. He has a great testimony. Music is allowed here (not in provo) which is awesome i´ve been loving to listen to some mo tab and others. Mostly I just need to learn the language. Ive we could combined the teaching skills of the north americans with the spanish skills of the latinos we would be set. haha. It is really good. Today was an awesome day. Got to go to the temple. First time really just walking the streets of peru. The bus driving was crazy but aweseme. our big bus cut off another big bus. haha. the temple was so beautiful. Got to do some shopping after and got some piña soda. overall things are doing very well and wish I could tell more but I only have 4 minutes left. The temple was awesome. I did the whole session in spanish. we could get headsets but the spanish was good. couple things, tell LIZ WRIGHT thank you so much for the cupcakes and that I did love the food at MTC and that I don´t really have the time to write her back and i´m sorry but I love her. I am doing well and I love all of you. Be safe and stay close to the Lord. Elder Hurley

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