Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 22, 2011

Beautiful Peru MTC and Soccer Field

North American District and Teacher

Elders, Friends, Roomates, Comps.

Elder Hurley in front of Peru MTC

Templo De Lima Peru & Elder Hurley

Hey family!
Happy birthday Dad! it sounds like you had quite the experience this week. I was thinking a lot about you this week, being fathers day, your birthday, and knowing you had kidney stones. I love you so much Dad you have always been such a great example to me. Thank you so much for your letter. I am glad the kidney stone passed. have a great birthday! Thanks for the emails mom and Matt. I can´t take pictures of the things i am doing, we can only take pictures on p day and all the other days is the days i am doing stuff. haha so i will do my best, but the work is more important than a good blog. as for my address, i sent two letters (physical) that should have my address. plus under my facebook under ¨notes¨I put all my addresses before I left. but I will email it too. Love you so much mom. Loved your letter matt. lucky you havea baby grand! always wanted one haha. I got to play piano quite a bit this week. Love piano. I started writing a song too based on the last chapter of John, I´ll send the lyics next week. today we are going on a ¨tour¨ so I get to really see peru, and I can bring my camera so look forward to that next week. All the latinos are only here three weeks, so they all left yesterday. Its basically like 22 americans here at the ccm right now haha. 2 latinos who had travel problems are still here too. but I get a new compañero tomorrow. This past week was soo good. The temple last week was amazing, I really felt the spirit so strong in there. I have been thinking a lot about our family and how blessed I have been to be raised in the gospel. Our family has been so blessed by the gospel, and especially teaching that the gospel blesses families has helped me realize this. Tell courtney to watch out, cuz for physical activity i have been playin volleyball lately and have gotten pretty good :) yesterday we all played soccer though, (since the latinos were all gone and its actually fun for us americans haha) and it was way fun. I got to go contacting again on saturday, which was awesome as usual. The area we knocked was a little bit nicer than the last area (nothing too great, they just actually had a roof over there heads) But I instantly saw the coorelation of how much stuff you have and your humility. these people had just a little bit more money and there hearts were harder and not as receptive to the gospel. Some people wouldn´t even talk to us, just waving there finger at us haha. But me and my companion went with another missionary who´s area it was, so that was cool. He had one appointment, we taught the first lesson, i mostly just testified but it was so good, we talked about baptism at the end and he even agreed to be baptized and has a date. so awesome! to see this first hand. Lots of dogs, I´m sure I´ll get bit a couple times, but its part of the mish haha. After lunch me and my companion got to tract alone. since the other missionaries weren´t back yet. it was cool, we ran into the missionaries we were supposed to be with and split up one and one. this missionary only had 2 months left. I thought he would be at the top of his game, but really was pretty lazy, he even told me this, and many things he did I just couldn´t believe, but it just gave me so much incentive to press forward till the end and be the best missionary I can. We had a couple more lessons. I even ran into a guys that spoke english, and he said he wanted to come to our church. He wouldn´t set up a time to be taught but just wanted to come on sunday. haha so thats cool. it was weird hearing english randomly on the streets. there was another lady that let us in her house, she was way catholic though, which is always hard. We got a bunch of second visits and this work is the greatest thing ever. The gospel is the most important of our lives, I really believe that. Yesterday I was called as Zone Leader. really surprising because he kept saying they try to involve as many different people in leadership as they can. I was the only one that stayed a leader from last group, and now in the new group really weird, even more responsibilities now, but I am learning a lot about being a leader. Dad told me in the first letter before I left that he believed I was meant to be a leader. I haven´t felt like I am best leader, but I think it is something the lord has in store for me to lead, and I am learning so much. I hope you are all doing awesome. Love you all -elder Hurley

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