Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012 D and C 19:16-19

Hey family!!
The scripture of the week is D and C 19:16-19.

 This week was great. We went to trujillo. Two bus rides through the night there and back. But concilio was really good. Excited nervracking all at the same time. I was asked to give the commission. I pulled it off pretty well. We played futbol and frisby dodgeball. I love futbol. Really it has kind of always been my least favorite sport but i grow to love it more each day. This week we had an unexpected baptism. a little boy that goes to church on sunday with his sister who is a member. We taught him, had his interview and baptized him all in this week. hes only 8. and a little crazy. but part of his family is member of the church so it was good to baptize him. Sometimes its weird to baptize little kids haha, but then i remember i was also baptized at 8 years and i turned out ok. But it was a good experience. Today we went to this cool place as a zone called llanganuco. I took a lot of pictures, but just sent the ones i took of me cuz i figured you guys would be happy to see me rather than pictures of mountains and water. It was fun. we all went in this little bus thing and brought lunch to eat there. That is crazy that you guys attended elder hannemans ward! haha. I saw him this week at concilio. cuz hes a zone leader too. he has family that live in alpine too of kids that went to lone peak. Ill have to tell him you attended his ward. thats so cool. I also went up with one of the district leaders this week in a place called Yungay. it was cool cuz this week is semana santa, and everyone was making huge images of jesus christ on the streets and different places with flowers and other colorful things. They almost have a branch in yungay, but are currently having to travel to the ward in caraz like 20 minutes away, which is hard to move the work along, cuz it is hard enough to get people to church when there is a chaple in their town. haha but they should have a little chaple house soon. Its so great to hear from you guys, i hope hawaii is awesome. Have courts pray about what she should do. Im pretty sure i talked with my teachers and they were fine if i made it second period a little late. but when i did it started at 8.00 in the morning. I sent some stuff this week. hope you get it. I love you guys so muich have the best week of your life!
elder Hurley

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