Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 7, 2011 2 Nephi 9:39

Hey beautiful family. Much to write today hope i have the time. since mom just sent some questions, I meant a cd of piano music hymns only if its possible. and allred christmas maybe is in itunes and you can make a cd, or it is in my drawer or in the cupboards in the kitchen. 
Scripture of the week is 2 nephi 9:39
39 O, my beloved brethren, remember the awfulness in atransgressing against that Holy God, and also the awfulness of yielding to the enticings of that bcunning one. Remember, to be ccarnally-minded is ddeath, and to be espiritually-minded is flife geternal.
. Dad if you get rid of max I am not coming home. Max has a great life, especially compared to all the dogs i see here that have no home and eat garbage to survive. and especially compared to this little dog i saw this week that got torn apart by a bigger dog and i only hope survived. Some questions, can someone find the address for breyandi andrada, you can talk to her through face book or something courts, she has written me a couple times through email but im not allowed to respond there and i don´t have her address. Thanks for your wonderful stories. I´ll try to cut some things in order to write some thoughts about curtis smith. but first of all we had another baptizm this week. The little brother of stefhany, who pretty much her whole family is baptizing. He is only 8, but he has a ton of faith and is a real good kid. He was late to sacrament meeting and that was kinda scary for me cuz if he doesn´t get confirmed its not a full baptizm haha. But we did it at the end of the meeting and i gave him the holy ghost. Also we had a miracle this week. This man named miguel we have been teaching for a while, has been real difficult, always asks tons of strange questions about deep doctrinal stuff. He has been talking with missionaries for a long time though. His whole family got baptized like 2 years ago, except his wife got baptized like 3 months ago (finally could cuz got legally married). But he has a son in the field on a mission, and his other son in the mtc which i talked a little about in my last letter i think. But He also has trouble with drinking with his friends. not like addiction just like custom. but on friday we had a way spiritual lesson with him, and we promised him some things we felt to. ( i decided i should always use ¨we¨ when i talk about the work, cuz i can´t do anything by myself without my other 4 companions) But he expressed a repented heart, and accepted to baptized for this saturday. He attended all three hours of church on sunday also and is really getting on the right path. We are meeting with him daily. I have faith that it will happen. Dads right that it is funner to teach than to knock (we don´t knock doors in this mission much though). the story about the man who rejected the missionaries and then one day listen for 5 minutes that reminds me of this guy we knocked one day just for fun and he just says bible, its bible i just know it and slammed the door. but we went one more time and his greeted us and even came out, but then he realized we were missionaries and it was the same thing, but i got my foot in the door this time and expressed how important this is for him. haha, one day. ok 5 minutes for curtis, just ideas i don´t have time to write a well thought out coherent letter.
I will always remember the scout camp in camp loll where he made me assistant scout leader to him, to help watch over the younger scouts, and especially playing zee vu plai (don´t know how to spell it) a french drinking game but just passing cups around haha. and also the astronomy merit badge and looking at the stars in the night with his awesome telescope. Also he really cares about every single one of the scouts and helps them succeed and pushes them to not settle for what they know is best. He even cared personally for my, and said i could come to his dental office to learn some stuff about the profesion i would like to do. He will make a great stake young mens president, don´t know if there is anyone else dedicated like he is. He trusts the scouts too. ok thats it for now, awesome that imma get a package. should be faster now that im in trujillo to get it physically too. don´t worry too much about specific things i have said, i don´t need anything. I loved the letter from whitney, if i have time after i write president i will write her personally thanks for writing whit, loved your letter and the love you have for courts. Love how much love our family has for each other. I have the best family in the world. Have a great week.
elder hurley

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