Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

My First Area
Milluachaqui, a farm up in the mountains, literally farmers on the mountain. Just me and my comp, its more or less part of our assignment... they have a family group.

Hey there my favorite family!
Thanks so much for your letters. I love them. I wish I had more time to just take them in. but i don´t haha. Sounds like you guys are doing good. I love hearing from you guys because you always focus on the things that really matter. I hope courts is doing good. She is such an amazing girl. Sorry bout halli the dog, I am glad i wasn´t too attached. Love you whit and tom. Speaking of dogs, they are everywhere here. but they are easy to deal with, and i am not scared of getting bit or anything like all the stories you hear. if they get aggressive all you have to do is pretend like you are picking up a rock from the ground and they are smart enough to leave you alone haha. lots of animals around, cats, donkeys, sheep, chickens, bulls, cows, all types of animals. I saw a pregnant cat yesterday. speaking of.. hows crystin? haha. i´m sure she is big bellied by now, ya´ll better send pictures ya hear? haha. i hope you are putting that grand piano to use. love you guys so much. Matt i loved your letter, and have been reading jesus the christ this week when i have had the time. (not much) speakin of piano, moms dream came true and I played for sacrament yesterday while on my mission. haha. only one problem, no one told me I would have to adjust the songs in order to fit the needs of a congregation that cannot keep a rhythm or hold tune. haha sounds harsh but its true. but i think i gained some brownie points with the few members we have just by playing, which is good. some house keeping.. The zone leaders came this week, and they brought me a load of letters. woot. So you guys keep askin bout rache´s letters, and yep i got em! don´t know if its all of them, but it was good to hear from her. she said she´s comin to utah the end of july.
make her play some music for ya or something. the zone leaders said it was there first time ever to otuzco haha so i don´t know how often i will get letters, but we go to Trujillo once a month i thinking where i can send out letters and get from zone leaders. (next week) also got all those stamps papa john thanks. not too sure how the pouch works now, i think we can only use that once a month here too, so i may end up sending some stamps back, since there are so many. anyways some general info: no one in this country can pronounce
hurley correctly. they say oohrlay. or different variations, but its fun, a lot of kids want me to speak English to them. and I am actually going to start teaching English once a week, which will help in finding more people to teach i think, and my spanish too. My spanish is getting better every day. I understand a lot. We stay pretty busy, and have appointments like every hour usually during our prosyliting time. I sometimes feel like my trainer could work harder. and me. I remember dad said he felt that way then later realized how great his trainer was haha. so maybe that will happen to me. he´s still the man, he´s sick today though. It´s way beautiful here, CLOUDS. oh yeah. This whole month is like a holiday here. haha. there is a tradition of having marches, which seems strange haha but its cool to be surrounded by the culture. I really do love it here in Otuzco, and want to bring you all here some day. In general people see us as good, and see us as words of god. one issue didn´t expect was the sabath day. many people don´t believe that sunday is the day of rest in this era. (which it wasn´t originally) so that is a difficulty. many adventista´s here. we are teaching quite a few of them. I think if we can convert a few of them, we can convert them all. we taught this one family Marleni, they have so so much faith its awesome. they are adventist too but i can see them being members. it was awesome during the lesson, every member of the family had their own bible. In general, me and my companion are teaching more equally and i can say more what i want. Its definetely hard at times. especially when i think bout you guys. Speaking of you guys, i hope you had a good 24 of july! i did absolutely nothing, i miss all that, especially enterprise and the races. I attached some photos, not of Otuzco, maybe next week, but of Milluachaque, the place i described last week, that is far away just a family group. oh yeah something cool, in my mission we can watch the pixar movies, so i will be watching cars 2 today maybe for p day ( pirated copy of course!) I love you guys, sorry this letter is so scattered. I am learning how important it is to be organized in life. for reals. Love you guys. we went to this one part of our area this week i hadn´t been to before, called Machigon, its like 45 minute hike to get there. we taught 1 lesson, then came home. Hopefully i get the package next week, i think we meet up with the zone leaders next monday, and i can send out letters too. time to write pres. i love the pres. he called me personally this week, which was cool.
love you guys, choose the right

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