Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011


I am here. haha the last email wasn{t me really just a copy and paste thing. Loved your emails. my time is still short, i get 45 minutes but I also have to write the president in that time. The reason the american stamps work here is because its pouch, the church brings them to salt lake and sends them out. i hope I can figure out how to do that here in the mission. the reason i skipped the 4 gospels is because I have read them before mostly and wanted to focus on pages of the bible i haven{t read haha but i am going to read the 4 gospel seperate once i finish.

My new companion is elder contreras and my area is OTUZCO. It is a small town community, with just a small branch that is not even part of a stake but the mission, got my work cut out for me. just 4 of us in this district. (my comp and 2 others.) we live in the same place that the church is haha, which is interesting, but cool. I think you guys were caught up with the blog, had interviews that day too and played games. They do pension here so I have a mom person who cooks and does our laundry, they are trained to only give us safe food. I am up in the mountains, cold at times but overall nice weather. but because its so rural farm like here, i can´t send out letters from here. (sorry Rachel´these emails will have to do) but i think every once in a while we get to go to trujillo and i can send there.

The language is the hardest part. It´s hard cuz i want to do more than I can. but I am progressing each day. I only receive letters or packages or whatever when the zone leaders bring them, which is probably every 6 weeks or something, don´t know, not too worried about letters though, cuz i got work to do. I love the people here. Especially the kids, they are so cute and they love us. we teach some kids too, which I thought was weird at first, but its crazy how much smarter they are than adults haha when it comes to the gospel. Elder contreras is awesome, he´s really pacient with me , doesnt speak english but its good. he is super friendly too everyone which helps the work, he seems to know everyone in our area. I´m confused at times but I´m catching on more each day haha. on saturday we went to this place called Milluachaqui, farm ness up in the mountains, literally farmers on the mountain. just me and my comp, its more or less part of our assignment.. they have a family group. (one step down from a branch) (stake ,ward ,branch ,family group) really small, but we hiked (literally) for like 30 minutes to get to a house and taught, then hiked to another house) lots of excercise now which makes me happy, I will be skinny and toned in no time haha. while at one of the houses in milluachaqui, the family brought us to a big thing of cactus, and we picked off bulb things, and ate it, it was fruit, and it was actually good, (though allergic more or less)

Teaching is good, have appointments every day, I am getting more involved in the teaching. Just need to learn spanish already. haha. yesterday we had a baptism, (the other elders in our district) that was cool I got to experience that this first week. I got to be one of the witnesses to make sure they said the prayer correctly and were immerssed properly. some of our investigators, ( don´t have the time to tell you all my experience in these past couple weeks)

His whole family are members, but have been less active, we have had lessons with them, he has a problem with word of wisdom, but yesterday committed to living it, hope he does. he has a baptismal date august 5th. his family is more active already.

Celestina , juana y jorge.
First taught them this week, new investigators, jorge is only 8 but i think he knew the most about the gospel, others feel it is good, want to get baptize , but won´t get a date yet and want to learn more, teaching them.

Elkin and Leydi,
Pretty much should be baptized already, have testimony and everything, only thing they need to do is officially get married legally, in order to keep the law of chastity which they plan to do. not much time for others. i´ll try to send pics. no time. lots more investigators but thats all for now. love you all so so so much. thought of you last night when we taught a less active family, i was reminded of the night before I left and we were all sharing testimony and crying haha. love you guys.

Elder HUrley

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