Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011 1 nephi 15:8

buenas mi familia hermosa.
Hows my favorite family doing. best family i ever had. This week was crazy good. love my new area, but i´ll get to that later. 

first, the scripture of the week, it is 1 nephi 15:8.
And I said unto them: Have ye ainquired of the Lord?
 Really simple, but if we apply it to our lives when we have questions or problems or just all the time, life will be way better. 

Thanks for your letters. Dad makes me laugh out loud every time. It was also great to see some pictures of my new nephew. and to answer your questions pa about the condition of the items that came, the crystal light packages broke cuz they weren`t in a bag or anythin just chillin in there, and there was powder everywhere and on everything, (on the christmas pic of fam too, so that  was little messed, but now too bad). The chocolate was perfect. the reeses changed shape a little, but does it matter? Rico. 

Mamas questions now, don`t need anything really, maybe the allred cd of christmas if you can find it. maybe to give to people, a lot of like little candies. Cuz theres a a ton of chocolate that you sent which was awesome awesome, and i gave a lot of that away. but it would be cool to have little candys like laffy taffy or even smaller, cuz there is a lot of people in the world. Address is always the same throughout my mish im pretty sure. im closer to the mission home, im in trujillo, but that doesn`t mean anything really. My companion is the man. for reals i love him to death. this is his last transfer but im making sure we are working our hardest nevertheless. there are 6 in our district, just me and my comp and our area. we have hermanas in our district too. There is a bunch of people from utah in my zone too. one from tenessee ( there are some cool people from tenessee) a little cd player would be cool, i was thinking about that, but i can prob buy one here for cheaper anyways. and almost everyone uses USB`s for music. nothing else. just load up a flash drive with music and every music player has a spot for it. my pension is awesome too. my laptop has a built in webcam if you want to use that for skype, don`t worry too much about that yet. But my area is way different here in the city. I absolutley love it though. there are a lot more people for one. It is good to be done with my training too. I feel way confident in my spanish now, understand pretty much everything, and everyone tells me i am way ahead at 3 months in the field than usual. I met the ward mission leader the first night i came to the area. He is so so cool, and has such a testimony, it is weird having way strong members and a ward, haha. church felt NORMAL yesterday, which was WEIRD. The ward mish leader is blind. And when i first met him he thought i was Latino. haha that gave me some confidence in the language too. The work here is really moving along too. Last week there was a baptism of a guy who has been smoking since he was 13. And we are going to have a baptism this week, we prepared this girl estefany she`s called, last week, for her interview, and she had it saturday and passed. and we need to make sure she is all ready this week. She has a lot of faith. We have a bunch of people progressing too. I love this area, we can actually do stuff in trujillo, today we played futbol with the zone. The food is good too. we will have a multi zone thing tomorrow, and every week we meet as a zone so i can get letters weekly now if they come. cool cool. I love you guys so much, take care
elder hurley

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