Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Missionary Farewell (Mother's Day 2011 5/8/11 )

Aunt Hollie and Aunt Heather
aunt Jacque, Christopher and sister-in-law Cristyn
Some friends who came to support me
Here they are again
Christopher, Ty and Courtney
Jaylie, Whitney, Kynlee
Some people who came to my farewell!
Grandma & Grandpa Holt, Grandma Richards,
Corinne, Jessica and Mr. and Mrs. Mull
Me, My Momma and My Sista
Get me to the MTC today . . . I'm ready to go!
Delicious Dessert Bar!

The day Christopher entered the MTC was a special day for me as his mom. I took the day off work so we could spend our last few hours together before he left. Shawn made him waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. We went through his suitcases to double check he had everything. We met Shawn at the hospital to visit grandpa Hurley who had just had surgery on his foot. There were some specialists in Grandpa's room so we had to wait a while before we could visit. Matt had met us at the Alta View Hospital and we had some time to visit. It was nice from a mom's perspective to watch my 2 sons interact in those final moments before a 2 year separation would occur. Those boys adore each other and I never realized how much until it was time to say good bye. We visited with grandpa who had his usual sense of humor. Then it was time to head to Missionary Mall to pick up Chrisopher's 2nd pair of shoes, and his book bag. All the way to the freeway we sat next to Matt at every single stop light. One more chance to say good bye to Matt about 5 times. (5 lights) It appeared harder and harder every time. I would roll down my window to see if there was any thing else he wanted to say, and Christopher teased me that I was twisting the knife in Matt's heart having to say Good Bye one more time. We then got on the freeway and Matt had to go to work so off to the Missionary Mall we went. I took a cute picture of Christopher in front of the Map wall pointing to his mission. It was perfect! We then went to JCW's near the MTC to wait for the rest of the family. Whitney was coming from work on her lunch break, and Shawn was checking Courtney out of school a little early. It was nice to visit about how Christopher was feeling about life! He was so excited to leave on his Peruvian Adventure he couldn't stand it. We saw several other missionaries there entering the MTC that day as well. One dad teased Christopher that he wasn't supposed to get dropped off at the MTC by his girlfriend. That made us laugh! Soon everyone arrived and it was time for the big goodbye. Whitney and Courtney jumped in the care with us and Tom drove to meet us separate. They don't give us much time, so we tried to say our good bye's before we got into the car. We pulled up at the MTC, there were guards and other missionaries waiting to gather his stuff, one last hug and off they went. It was a somber moment, but we knew Christopher was doing what he had waited his whole life to do... serve a mission!

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